CHANKS lotto

Ads have lost meaning and impact across the internet. As soon as we see one we try to skip it or close it as quickly as possible.

We asked ourselves What If we could make Ads valuable? What if Ads could provide you curated content, valuable information or opportunities/experiences you wouldn't want to miss out on? 

Chanks promotes sponsored content based on the interests of individual users. Chanks is a stumble upon for the best deals, businesses nearby, Kickstarter campaigns, favorite brands and more. Chanks gives sponsored content a purpose.

Chanks is an ad engine that measures the success and impact of ads. In order to make an ad desirable to watch and test our hypothesis we also figured that an ad itself could add value back to the user.

Chanks Lotto is a free lottery mobile app. You watch two ads daily to enter a lottery, we understand which ads offer you more value over time and better curate ads for you and you have a chance to win money.