Food Flow

ideo challenge - how to reduce food waste

Competition - top 10 ideas

Getting food to people before it goes waste. That is the simplest way to reduce food waste. The problem with catering companies, or anyone with a potential surplus of food, is that there is a cost involved in transporting the excess food where it is needed. Companies and governments sometimes offer tributary benefits to incentivize food-producing entities to get their unused surplus to shelters before it goes to waste. However, we want to offer a different approach. What if you involved the community, local commerce and individuals alike, in recognizing this is a big problem that requires all hands on deck? Our proposal is that anyone with a means of transportation can help transport excess food from a restaurant or catering company to a food shelter. People that do this will receive Flow points that they can redeem for food experiences. At scale, we can use dispatching algorithms popularized by players in the on-demand economy space to make it as seamless as possible to all parties involved.

Food Flow saves food before it gets thrown out by businesses & restaurants by facilitating delivery to people in need. Let’s say tonight, Kokkari has excess food to feed 5 extra mouths. Our app shows the nearest shelter where you can deliver that extra food. In addition to "good samaritan" vibes, you can share it with your friends on social media and even win awesome culinary experiences!